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Information for Actors




WHEN:      Tuesday, February 18 

                 3:00 - 6:00 PM

                 Saturday, February 22

                 3:00 - 6:00 PM

WHERE:      American Theatre of Actors (ATA)

                  314 W 54th St., 4th Floor

PREPARE:      Prepare a contemporary two-minute monologue with dramatic-                    comedic range.  Bring two copies of headshots with resumes                      attached.

DIRECTOR:    Jessica Jennings

CALL BACKS:  Monday February 24th 

                   11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Character Breakdown


TIME:         The Present

PLACE:       Martha’s Vineyard

SETTING:   The artfully weathered New England home of MARION WOLCOTT. The house is situated on a bluff with a view of the ocean. A few apple trees dot the front yard along with a wisteria-covered arbor. Exquisite climbing roses grow on a trellis attached to the house. A wrap-around porch offers an array of comfortable wicker furniture and an inviting porch swing. A decorative screen door leads to the kitchen. Inside the home, a high-ceilinged great room features a combined living, dining, and kitchen area. The space is decorated in an understated, beachy style. All action takes place within these two areas.


CHARACTERS (in order of appearance)


MARION WOLCOTT:  (79) Patrician, wry, savvy. Mother to JOANNE, ALLISON, and BETH; grandmother to KAT. Faces life’s challenges with WASPY pragmatism and dry humor. A striking woman who is never seen without her hair perfectly coiffed and her trademark triple strand of pearls.


ALLISON WOLCOTT:  (Mid to late 40s) An elementary school art teacher whose secret dream of being a successful artist remains unfulfilled. Creative, empathetic, frazzled. Single parent to 15-year-old KAT. Finds her uncommunicative teenager a challenge. Yearning to meet a life partner but close to giving up hope. Takes Xanax when needed—which is a lot.


KAT WOLCOTT:  (15) Sarcastic and angry-at-the-world high school student, daughter to ALLISON, granddaughter to MARION. KAT is passionate about her art but struggles with self-esteem issues and hides her talent from others. She feels a special connection with her grandmother; has abandonment issues with her mostly-absent father; and is in the midst of a fractious period with her mother.


ELIZABETH: (Early to mid 40s) Youngest of the three Wolcott sisters. Well-dressed, vivacious and pretty, BETH spends a lot of money and time on personal grooming. She is kind-hearted and fun-loving, but also materialistic and essentially shallow. She knows this and accepts herself for who she is. Married for the third time to BLAKE, a rich blow-hard.


JOANNE: (Late 40s to early 50s) Eldest of the three Wolcott sisters. Sanctimonious without realizing it, rigid, anxious. Married to GARY, a fundamentalist minister who oversees a mega-church in Kentucky. JOANNE longs for respect from her mother and siblings and remains troubled that they have not all accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.


LUKE:  (30s to 40s) A home hospice nurse caring for MARION and other patients on Martha’s Vineyard. Dignified, kind, and enigmatic, Luke is a handsome black man (in a conventional or unconventional way), who is unmarried, fit, and straight.

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