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Megan Smith-Harris is an entrepreneur with a passion for the arts. Her career encompasses documentary, television, film, theatre, radio, writing, magazine editing, and teaching. Her one-act plays and inter-connected monologues have been performed at Theatre Artist’s Workshop (TAW), Play With Your Food, and recorded for WPKN Radio in Connecticut. She co-wrote and performed 50 episodes of the the half-hour comedy radio show, The Norm, which aired nationally on CBC Radio. She also co-wrote and produced Mad In Canada, a comedy revue that ran for over a year in Toronto and Montreal. Megan has produced and directed a number of long form documentaries including The Buddy System, Polygamy, Child Brides, and Trial By Fire: Lives Reforged, which continues to air internationally on PBS and stream on Amazon Prime. More at


Jessica Jennings has an extensive background in dance and acting. In addition to a number of dance awards, she is a three-time Jean Dalrymple Award winner in acting. Her directing accolades include two Audience Vote Awards for All About Lorrie (Chatterton’s Midtown Festival), and for The Dance McCabe (Manhattan TheatreSource). She also received the Jean Dalrymple Award for Best Director for her production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and was nominated for a 2011 Princess Grace Award for her direction of Romeo & Juliet. Most recently Jessica directed the Off-Broadway musical The Green Room. From Chekhov to Shakespeare to new works, she has directed twenty productions since 2010, working across Manhattan for independent theatres such as Manhattan TheatreSource, Julii Theatre, Full-Circle, Miller-Coffman, Snorks and Pins, and ATA.

(Theatre Consultant)

Ken has worked with sound since the late 60s. Ken’s path veered toward theater in the late 80s, where he began creating sound effects for the stage. Ken was thrown into lighting design while working on The Last Songbird. Since his 2006 foray into lighting design, he has designed over 50 shows. His lighting and sound credits: Love is a Bad Neighborhood, The Cover of Life, The Belle of Amherst, Siren’s Den, Lannahassee, Buzz, Emmett, A Lesson in Blood, The Killing of the Snow Fox, The Dead Old Lady, P.O.W., Sandman, Shelter, In Some Room, Above The Street, Polly Come Home Again, Diary of a Madman and Touch Not My Heart.

(Lighting & Sound)

Brian is a film producer and Obie-Award-winning theater producer. His films include A TREE. A ROCK. A CLOUD. (directed by Karen Allen), ‘A’ MY NAME IS (directed by Sarah T. Schwab), LIGHTS OUT (directed by George Valencia), and the upcoming films LIFE AFTER YOU and A STAGE OF TWILIGHT. Brian served as the Managing Director of Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre for nine years. During his tenure, Rattlestick produced over 40 World Premieres by some of our nation’s most important playwrights, including Annie Baker, Sam Hunter, Jesse Eisenberg, Jose Rivera, Adam Rapp, and Craig Lucas.

(Set Design)

Daniel has designed with Lubbock Moonlight Musicals. He has been designing sets, hair, and makeup since 2006. In 2019 he was acclaimed for his set work on Friendly’s Fire for Rising Performance Company

(Graphic Design

Alla was born in Moscow and immigrated to the United States in the early '90s with her family. After completing her degree at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, she relocated to NYC. By the mid-2000s, Alla's promotional and advertising banners were in Times Square, displayed on soaring midtown high rises, and on Broadway poster boards. She worked for over a decade on Wall Street and has also worked in advertising, designing creatives for the London's Tube and Canary Worth station, along with a handful of  leading UK insurance agencies. 

(Stage Manager

Callie's recent credits include Footprints of The Polar Bear (ATA), The Seance Machine (The Tank), Friendly’s Fire (Rising Sun Performance Company), Spring Awakening (The Secret Theatre), and Worse Than Tigers (New Ohio Theatre), as well as other works and festivals in New York. She is about to work on Abnormal Off-Broadway at Theatre Row. 


American Theatre of Actors, Inc. (ATA) was founded 44 years ago. Its purpose is to promote the development of new playwrights, directors and actors, and to provide them a creative atmosphere in which to work, without the pressures of commercial theatre. The plays are dramas, comedies, and hybrids, dealing with the social and ethical problems of contemporary society. More than 965 new works have been presented and 10,000 actors have worked at ATA, including Dennis Quaid, Bruce Willis, Dan Lauria, Chazz Palminteri, Kevin O’Connor, William Fichtner, Kathryn Hahn, and Edie Falco.

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